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The Pillow Box is a memory foam pillow designed to reduce neck, upper back pain, and stiffness by correcting your posture while you sleep.

Neck Pain Causes:

The most common causes of neck pain in the UK are: Chronic conditions (e.g arthritis, spondylosis) Sports injuries and acute incidents (including whiplash) Postural issues from a lack of activity and too much time seated at desks and devices. *All of these conditions are benefited by the use of a supportive pillow to accelerate natural recovery.

Why the pillow box:

Shape orthopedically approved (proven to relieve neck pain, shoulder pain, tension headache) 50D 'Goldilocks' memory foam layer (perfect balance of 'not too hard, not too soft') Bamboo Charcoal infused layer (keeps you cool at night and keeps germs away).

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