Pre & Post-Surgical Physiotherapy


Pre-Surgery Rehabilitation

Medical research has found that physiotherapy is as essential prior to surgery, as it is post-surgery. It has been shown that post-surgical outcomes were better for those patients who took part in physiotherapy treatments before the surgery.

This process is called “pre-rehabilitation” and includes specific strength programs and manual therapies to prepare the joint involved to sustain the surgical procedure and recover faster.

The benefits of pre-rehabilitation are:

Post- Surgery Rehabilitation

After surgery, patients require physiotherapy treatments to restore the normal level of functions. The post-surgical treatments are often divided into phases.

Phase 1 aims to reduce the post-surgery symptoms such as swelling, inflammation, pain and loss of movements. Phase 2 helps to restore muscle strength and walking abilities. Phase 3 is about exercise progression in order to remove walking aids and improve stability. Phase 4 is the return to ‘normality’. In this phase, we work on specific goals to help the patient to return to an active lifestyle, pain-free without risks of recurrence.

The benefits of post-surgical physiotherapy are:

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