Why Have A Biomechanical Assessment?


Measuring things that matter (for example asymmetries in movement or load) are helpful for quantifying functional recovery after injury.

Collecting the data through the most advanced technology, allows us to identify and remove predisposing factors that can lead to an injury or pain.

The ability to identify deficits and imbalances is not always possible with the human eye, but this is very important as it can determine the ability to make a full recovery! Understanding your imbalances also allows us to create a targeted and individualized rehabilitation programme for your needs.

At The Physio Box, we have a team of experts able to analyse your movements and combine our skills to design the most targeted rehabilitation plan for your needs. We have created three main protocols specific to each individual’s needs and goals. 

Return To Health

This program uses technology to assess an individual’s movement signature to enhance treatment and rehabilitation with a focus on decreasing pain, asymmetries in motion and restoration of function. This can be particularly useful for those people suffering from chronic lower limb pain such as knee or hip arthritis.

Return To Sport

Uses technology to assess an individual’s capacity to tolerate load with a focus on measuring inter-limb strength and mobility. Whatever your sport, there is always a grey area between pain and performance and if we don’t measure, we might miss important physical deficits, which might lead to imbalances and injuries. This program can be very useful for amateur athletes such as runners who might suffer from running-specific injuries (e.g. Achilles tendon pain, knee pain or hip pain).

Return To Performance

Uses technology to assess an individual’s readiness to perform with a focus on measuring functional ability. Quantifying what you do in the real world, whether you are out on a run, playing football or restoring confidence to return to work. At The Physio Box, we have the ability to bring the lab outside and quantify your readiness to return to play reducing the risk of sustaining injuries. This program can be very useful for people who wish to compete in a higher-level sport such as complete a marathon!



Book your biomechanics assessment now for £180 instead of £200!


Full Biomechanics assessment (60 minutes): £180 (includes full written and verbal report and specialist physiotherapist opinion).


Insoles Assessment + Orthotics design and production: £320

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