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Achieve optimal recovery and peak performance with personalised biomechanical assessments at The Physio Box.

Why Have A Biomechanical Assessment?

Understanding and measuring factors like asymmetries in movement or load are crucial for quantifying functional recovery after an injury. By collecting data through advanced technology, we can identify and eliminate predisposing factors that might lead to injury or pain. While some deficits and imbalances might be invisible to the human eye, our technology ensures we capture everything needed for a complete recovery. Recognising your imbalances allows us to create a tailored rehabilitation program specifically designed for your needs.

At The Physio Box, our team of experts uses cutting-edge technology to analyse your movements and develop a targeted rehabilitation plan. We offer three main protocols, each tailored to individual needs and goals.

Return To Health

This Return To Health program leverages technology to assess an individual’s movement signature, enhancing treatment and rehabilitation by focusing on decreasing pain, correcting asymmetries in motion, and restoring function. It’s particularly beneficial for those suffering from chronic lower limb pain, such as knee or hip arthritis.

Return To Sport

Our Return To Sport program uses technology to evaluate an individual’s capacity to tolerate load, focusing on measuring inter-limb strength and mobility. Whether you’re an amateur athlete or a dedicated runner, this program helps identify and correct physical deficits that could lead to imbalances and injuries. It is especially useful for addressing running-specific injuries like Achilles tendon pain, knee pain, or hip pain.

Return To Performance

The Return To Performance program uses technology to assess an individual’s readiness to perform by measuring functional ability in real-world scenarios. Whether you’re running, playing football, or returning to work, we bring the lab outside to quantify your readiness and reduce the risk of sustaining injuries. This program is ideal for those aiming to compete at a higher level, such as completing a marathon.

At The Physio Box, we are dedicated to empowering your journey to full recovery and peak performance. Contact us today to schedule your biomechanical assessment and take the first step toward a healthier, more balanced future.

Common Questions About Biomechanical Assessments

Understanding the benefits and process of biomechanical assessments can help you make informed decisions about your health and performance. Here are the top five questions people frequently ask:

1. What is a biomechanical assessment?

A biomechanical assessment analyzes your body’s movement patterns to identify imbalances, weaknesses, and areas of stress. This helps create a targeted rehabilitation or performance enhancement plan.

2. Who can benefit from a biomechanical assessment?

Anyone experiencing pain, recovering from an injury, or looking to improve athletic performance can benefit from a biomechanical assessment. It’s particularly useful for athletes, individuals with chronic pain, and those recovering from surgery.

3. What can I expect during a biomechanical assessment?

During the assessment, a physiotherapist will evaluate your movements using advanced technology. This may include video analysis, force plates, and motion capture systems. The process helps pinpoint areas needing improvement.

4. How does a biomechanical assessment help in injury prevention?

By identifying imbalances and improper movement patterns, a biomechanical assessment allows for the creation of a personalized plan to correct these issues, reducing the risk of future injuries.

5. How often should I undergo a biomechanical assessment?

The frequency depends on your specific needs and goals. Athletes may benefit from regular assessments throughout their training cycles, while others might need them only when experiencing pain or after an injury.

Feel free to contact us at The Physio Box for more information or to schedule your biomechanical assessment.



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