South Kensington and Gloucester Road Physiotherapy

South Kensington and Gloucester Road Physiotherapy

Our Kensington and Gloucester Road Physiotherapy Clinic offers non-invasive treatment that helps people suffering from pain, injury or disabilities to return to full functions and pain free lifestyle. Physiotherapy can treat and help people recovering from many injuries such as back pain, knee pain, trapped nerves and more complex pathologies. We combine treatments according to the needs of the person, these include manual therapy, movement and exercise progression, massage, electrotherapy, acupuncture, education and advice.

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The majority of our clients pay directly for their physiotherapy. This saves time as you don’t need to worry about getting a referral or pre-authorisation for treatment from your GP or Consultant. Simply call and book, or book online.

Using Private Health Insurance for Physiotherapy, at The Physio Box we are proudly recognised by all major private health insurers.

Assessment Techniques

The assessment is divided into a subjective examination (verbal) taking the history of the injury from the patient and an objective (physical) evaluation assessing the anatomical structure involved.

Subjective assessment:
In the subjective assessment, you will provide to the physiotherapist verbal information about the episode of the injury (if there is any), when it occurred, the pain level, the location, the impact it has had on your lifestyle and many others information. This information will support the additional findings allowing the physiotherapist to establish an accurate diagnosis of the injury and the best treatments for you.

Objective Assessment:
This is a physical evaluation assessing the anatomical structures involved in the injury through manual tests, which allow to replicate the symptoms and understand the structures that cause the pain.

What next?
A summary of the therapist’s findings will be fully explained to you using the simplest terminology in order to help you understand the diagnosis.

A treatment plan will be established prioritising your goals and needs informing you about the recovery time and each phase of the rehab in the most specific way possible!

Manual Treatment Methods

Mobilisation is a manual technique, which allows the physiotherapist to move a ‘fixed’ joint or bone applying a specific force in a specific location in order to improve mobility by releasing tension and pain.

Benefits of mobilisation:

  • Reduce pain
  • Increase range of motion
  • Reduce or eliminating soft tissue swelling, inflammation, or restriction
  • Induce relaxation and flexibility of tight tissues
  • Improve blood flow.

Manipulation is a similar technique but performed at higher velocity and force, which often causes a “click sound” on the joint. Our therapists are highly trained to perform manipulations safely and effectively to specific patients who might benefits from the technique.

The goal of the technique is to improve the space available between each joint such as spinal bones and so to improve flexibility and range of motion of a person.

Client Testimonials

See what our customers in Kensington and Gloucester Road have to say about The Physio Box in their own words!

From initial consultation to 4 ongoing sessions lasting a month Giuseppe worked closely with me to fix my back injury suffered from sport. As well as treatment he showed me exercises and stretches to perform between my visits which has meant a thorough recovery. I would highly recommend Giuseppe.

Oli Hillyer-Riley

If Google allowed me to give Giuseppe at The Physio Box 6 stars, then I would! 5 will have to do! An outstanding Physiotherapist! Highly recommended!

Jonathan Clark

Giuseppe has helped me recover from a number of rugby injuries over the last few years. Every time the diagnosis and prescribed treatment has got me back to rugby far quicker than originally forecasted by other physios. Having seen a lot of physios over the last 10 years, I always felt there was a “one size fits all” approach and the treatment seemed quite generic. This is Giuseppe’s point of difference, he truly takes time to understand the issue an recommended a course of treatment that always feels bespoke to me and my particularly injury. Would highly recommend!

Michael Clarke

A superb place that is both convenient and competitively priced. Giuseppe takes a considered professional approach and draws from experience to work through an appropriate treatment plan. Always a pleasure to have professionals who listen to your problems fully and are willing to adapt throughout the treatment plan and not just fob you off with the same system each visit. Great place and recommend 100%.

Kim Plant

Giuseppe has guided me through post-shoulder surgery rehab, working toward getting back into competitive rugby. We worked closely together for about 7 months, seeing him twice a week for gym and rugby contact sessions as well as hands on treatment. I absolutely loved working with Giuseppe, making visible progress week by week. I couldn't have asked for a better person to guide me through my rehab process; Giuseppe didn't only pay attention to my shoulder, but also overall fitness and the mental aspect. All of this resulted in me getting back on the pitch stronger and fitter than ever. 12/10 would recommend him to anyone!

Dana Burik

I have had lower back pain on and off for years - recently the pain had worsened tremendously. After trying everything - chiropractors, other physios, even yoga, nothing was working. I came across Giuseppe and the Physio Box on Facebook and opted in for a 15 minute assessment. Straight away I felt relaxed in the clinic and hope that I could get this problem fixed started to creep in again... I went ahead with a care package and now the pain is completely gone... I can't thank Giuseppe enough - his healing hands are nothing short of magical. Thank you so much - 100% recommendation.

Stephen Taylor

Giuseppe has helped me in numerous occasions with my chronic back pain. I highly recommend his clinic for his professionalism and his passion for caring about the individual patients

Mattia Pagliara

I went to see Giuseppe for a knee problem and he was incredibly helpful, professional and skilful in treating my knee. After 2 session he resolved my problem completely!

M.D. Lopez M.D

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Kensington, Gloucester Road Physio: How to find us:

Tube: Piccadilly, Circle and District Line. The clinic is located just opposite to Gloucester Tube Station. However, it is also only 3 minutes walking from South Kensington, 5 minutes from Earls and Knightsbridge.

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