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About Pregnancy Physio In Kensington

This is a special service at Kensington Physio Box created to support pregnant women throughout the most wonderful and unique journey of their lives.

“As a father and husband, I understand the overwhelming feeling of waiting for the special day. On the other hand, as a Physiotherapist who has been helping pregnant women for almost a decade, I understand the physical challenge that your body will have to face by giving birth.”

-Clinical Director and Specialist Physiotherapist Giuseppe Salustri

Common Problems During Pregnancy:

Commons Problems After Pregnancy:

Why Does It Happen

It is fascinating how the human body can adapt and auto-regulate himself to welcome a new life.

Despite, this is an amazing and natural process, it can be extremely challenging from a physical perspective.

Due to an increase in body weight your posture will change leading to greater pressure on the back and other joints.

Your ligaments will become looser to enable greater pelvic floor mobility, which of course is vital to give birth. Despite, the increased ligaments laxity is an important ‘auto-regulation,’ it often creates postural imbalances and pain.

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