Sports Injuries Physiotherapy


At the Physio Box, the treatment of sports injuries is very much our expertise. We tailor each rehabilitation program to the needs of the sport making the plan SPECIFIC to you!

We will not only treat your symptoms, our clinical expertise will allow us to target the causes of the injury addressing any imbalance within your body.

Sport Rehabilitation
& Return To Play

At The Physio Box, we proudly define ourselves as experts in sports injuries. It does not mean that we only treat professional athletes, we want to offer a top-level service to any person who lives an active lifestyle providing the same standard of care that a professional athlete would receive. 

The main goal of the service is to diagnose the injury and create a therapeutic plan specific to the sport, lifestyle and activities of the person. We also emphasise the importance of seeking expert advice to establish if and when you are safe to return to play your sport avoiding the re-occurrence of the injury.

Throughout the Sports Rehabilitation session, the physiotherapist will combine strength exercises, manual therapies, postural adjustments, taping techniques, electrotherapies and sport-specific tasks.

Our clinical director Giuseppe Salustri working with the Italian rugby team during the Rugby 6 nations. 

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