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Sports Massage Kensington

We have an extensive experience treating a variety of people from elite level athletes to everyday office and manual job workers. General muscle tightness and stiffness is a common presentation we often see across these groups of people.

Deep tissue massage allows us to target specific ‘trigger’ points or ‘knots’ releasing tension by encouraging increased blood flow and ultimately promote healing. Alongside deep tissue massage we also use stretching techniques to help to further relieve tension in the muscles as well as increase overall muscle length for the patient.

During the session, we also use Dry Cupping if we believe that this could help your symptoms. The vacuum created from the cups placed onto the skin causes a suction mechanism, which facilitates blood flow and a therefore a faster healing/relaxation response. Our expertise allows us to target the exact pinpoint location of the ‘tight area’ enabling us to achieve the best clinical results within the first session. 

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