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Our aim is to Boost people self-confidence and self esteem offering a wide range of aesthetic treatments tailored to each individual’s needs.

We Can Help People Suffering From A Wide Range Of Conditions Including



Jaw Pain

Gummy Smile

Our 3 Steps Care Pathway

Free Initial Consultation:

This will give you the opportunity to discuss directly with the clinician your goals and expectations allowing us to implement the most effective treatment for your desired state.

First Treatment:

After the free-assessment, the clinician will book an appointment with you to carry out the initial treatment and give you all the after care advices needed.

Follow Up Call Or Face To Face Appointment:

We are driven to achieve the best results with all of our clients! A follow up appointment/call will be scheduled to assess the effects of the treatment and to gather your feedback. If required, a top-up dose will be used at no extra costs

Price List

Lip Fillers From


“Orange -Peel” Chin


Brows Preservation


Jaw Slimming


Brows Lifting


Jowl Lift


Asymmetries From




Crow’s Feet


Gummy Smile


Neck - Platysma (“Turkey Neck”)


Ready To Book

Please get in touch if you would like to book any of our treatments. Alternatively, you can book your facial injectable treatments on line here’.

About Carlotta

Carlotta graduated from the school of Medicine and Dentistry ‘La Sapienza’ in Rome. Working in Facial Trauma Units for several years allowed Carlotta to gather an in-depth anatomical and scientific knowledge allowing her to be safe and well equipped when carrying out facial aesthetic procedures on patients.

Carlotta worked within the dentistry field for several years giving to thousands of people a brighter smile. She has always been driven by the desire to boost people self-confidence and self-esteem improving the potential of each person. 

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